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Guusje de Bruin, Emmy Hermans, Sarah Kerbosch and Nina Pen have come together to form ‘Residents’, in which they work from their own expertise and interests, to create work in various compositions. During their Fashion Design studies at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, they all wanted more from art, more from life, and so it began.

The Resident’s first residency took place on the Veluwe, and from there they went on to work in different fields, such as art direction, fine art, costume design and performance art. In their multidisciplinary works every aspect of a theme, location, space or single thought is researched. Human presence, absence and interaction with the space itself play a central role in both the process and end result of their projects.

All coming from different backgrounds, they each have a unique set of values and skills that create critical works, stemming from curiosity and intuition. Their projects interweave the visual with the theoretical; the big gestures with attention to detail. Residents is the merging of four very different minds, that can be put to work anywhere.

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Privacy & Psychiatry

During the Summer School fourteen starting artists and a group of clients of HVO Querido worked on the subjects of privacy and mental health. As a focus point for their research they looked at the future: the year 2050. How private is our mental health in 2050?

Privacy is an important topic in the field of mental health as well as for our society in general. What do we share with others and what is private? Do we have control over our own data? And till what extent will social media and future technical devices influence our autonomy?
Can technology help reduce the taboo on psychiatric illnesses? Or will the growing amount of digital data on our lives gain control over our most personal feelings?

MODEL-2050 shows the results of the artistic research and the collaboration between the artists of the Summer School and peer consultants and clients of HVO Querido. In the exhibition the participants share their dilemmas, utopian models and inspiring collaborations.

Participants: Petra ten Brinke, Aalt van de Glind, Hyo Min Gweon, Coen van Haaften, Renée van Hagen, Rachel Heemskerk, Rik de Heus, Sterre Herstel, Lucia Kooiman, Janneke Kornet, Heleen Kruijt, Julia Olaussen, Nina Pen, Lore Pilzecker, Saskia Scherpenzeel, Leonard Schmidt-Dominé, Hagar Schuringa

Curator: Esther Vossen
Coaches Summer School: Dirk van Lieshout, Marieke Zwart
Program Summer School: Dirk van Lieshout, Marieke Zwart, Esther Vossen
Coördination: Hélène Webers
Communication: Leonie van den Ende
Assistants: Suzanne Bernhardt, Reinier van Duijn, Beatrijs Rümke
Cook: Hendricus Sliep
Translation: Marienelle Andringa
Photography: Anastasia Alfonsina
Design: Nick Doejaaren, Nils Mork
Overall organization: Het Vijfde Seizoen

Guest lecturers: Annet Dekker (UVA), Leonie van den Ende, Galina (Fivoor) Wendie Hoenders (HVO Querido), Amparo González Sola, Ana María Gómez López, Anja Gramberg (Altrecht Ggz) Tamara Kuselman, Bart van der Loon (Fivoor), Manu Luksch, Floortje Scheepers (UMCU), Floris Schönfeld, Ronald Johnson (Rainbow Soulclub), Jesse Strikwerda, Wilco Tuinebreijer (Arkin), Eline Muller (Astare).

MODEL2050 | Privacy & Psychiatry in the Future is supported by AFK, Stichting Stokroos, HVO Querido and Altrecht GGZ.
Special thanks to Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit, Neef Louis Design and Kringloop de Lokatie.

“Wij hebben het gehaald!” (2017)

A research of memories and freedom.

After seeing Pippi Longstocking flying away in her self-made airplane to Taka-tuka land, me and my little brother started building this helicopter (we thought), instead it became a few pieces of wood attatched to each other. In our imagination we were on our way to that mysterious Taka-Tuka land.

To relive this exact moment I made an advanced remake of this helicopter. Through the window I’m looking at the 6-year-old me, building and creating.

Flying away to the unknown!

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